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Map Travel Locations on 3D Rotating Globe
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AG14 [Avatar]
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Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie in video / image edir & rendering world, so can anyone helpe me with one animation i am trying to get working please?

In Nutshell, I want to map my travel locations on rotating globe.,

So that final product will be a clip, which will show a curve line moving source to destination, on a globe & globe also rotates along with the line.

Eg. Travelling from London to Sydney, the final product should be a clip which will have a curved line, that will start from London & ends at Sydney.

Also here as the curve line moves so does the globe.

I have managed to animate a map line from source to destination on a 2d image. However, i am not able to replicate the same with rotating Globe.

I have found some videos where GIMP, quicktime Pro is used to achieve this , But that is not the final output i am expecting also, becuase of GIMP etc., the globe size becomes very small..

I do have seen some videos where the output is suffificiently appropriate globe with proper animation of the travel.

any suggestions to make this animation works , are welcome !

I have also raised the same query in support ticket, but haven't received any response there yet, not sure if that is the correct forum to raise such concerns..


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Warry [Avatar]
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Hi AG14,

Your "problem" is intriguing: A rotating earth with one or more lines between places that depict travel, whereas the lines move with the same speeds are the earth rotation at the same time as the travel.

I can imagine that some of the far more experienced PD users have started to look at possible solutions. Which would include:

  • finding a video of a rotating earth that is reasonable of size and quality

  • Deciding how to show the travel lines on this earth. The earth is moving left to right and (per you example: the travel London to Sydney is left to right too).

  • Making a mask for a (each) travels for the bending line(s) that are reasonably of the same shape and size as the earth bends

  • Making sure that this mask is rotating with the same speed as the earth-video

  • making a animated paint with about the same size and shape as the mask (above) to show the moving travel that appears behind the mask

  • Combining all these to get to the video you desire

Although the above can be done, it probably requires a bit more experience than a newbie (as you write you are) has. There are some excellent tutorials that may help you in the right direction:

The earth (e.g. there are many):

How to draw a line using a mask: (Recommend watching all Sharper Turtles tutorials first :)

And when you have something, we would love to see it, so please share !

Have fun
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