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GUIDELINES - Please Read Before Posting
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So, you've finished your edit and want some constructive feedback?
Or you’ve got a block and need some advice on how to achieve an effect or get your story across?
Then host your video or piece on the internet, start a new topic here, post a link, and ask away!

This is an opportunity to showcase your work for hints, tips and constructive criticism, or to ask for ideas on how to achieve an effect, improve a technique etc.

However, please note that this forum is used for critical assessment of posted material. By posting your work here you agree to have your work subject to constructive criticism. If you're too easily offended, it is recommended that you do not post. Similarly, if you cannot give a constructive critique, don’t post – you will be moderated!

Please respect the general forum guidelines and follow these additional simple rules:


  • Only post one video or video section per Topic. Posts with more than one video will be edited to display the first posted video only.

  • The original post in any Topic must contain a link to a specific video. Any links to other pages, such as general YouTube channels, will be removed.

  • The Forum is for original content only. Please do not post fan videos, trailers, promos, game movies and the like.

  • Please be aware that the forum has a global membership – content should not offend!!

  • No pornography, violence or offensive content will be allowed.

  • If a piece of work may have content that might be deemed to be contentious, it would be respectful to forum members if that could be noted in the original post, so that members can be prepared for content that may not be suitable for them.

There is a well respected etiquette to constructive critique, it runs similar to the following:

  • Any critique should help the originator - put yourself in their shoes!

  • Separate the editor from the video – you are critiquing the video only!

  • Resist the temptation to be antagonistic and argumentative - in plain blunt English – Don’t be a jerk!

  • This is not your story – it is someone else’s vision. Resist trying to re-write their story.

  • Say what you think but do it reasonably – don’t boss!

  • Explain, don’t just state. “it’s boring” is a worthless comment unless explained and justified and it should and will be ignored.

  • Find the good and the bad, the liked and the disliked.

  • Use the chance to teach not tell, to encourage not discourage.

Links that may be useful sources of info/examples:

So, don’t use inflammatory language, don’t indulge in flaming, trolling or ridiculing – posts will be actively moderated!!!

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