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ColorDirector can't create green screen effect.
Jarek_1 [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 24, 2017 04:59 Messages: 6 Offline
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Version: 8.0.2409.0 (64bit)
Global addjustment tools: all off
Effects: all off

Regional addjustment tools:
Only on:


  • Exposure: -4.0

  • Brightness: -100

  • Contrast: 100

  • Clarity:0

  • Vibrance: 0

  • Saturation: 0

Color replacement:

  • Tolerance: 100

  • Hue: 120

  • Saturation: 100

  • Lightness: 100

  • New color: is white - but I select green

AshWilliams [Avatar]
Member Location: Michigan Joined: Mar 28, 2013 23:38 Messages: 109 Offline
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It's a known issue. Check this long thread:

Jarek_1 [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 24, 2017 04:59 Messages: 6 Offline
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Quote It's a known issue. Check this long thread:


I can accept different way to create green screen from movie. However if features are changed proper training is required.
If this is impossible now, then there is significant regression/performance drop in color director....
4seasonsadventure [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jun 09, 2020 17:20 Messages: 1 Offline
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I'm not sure if the long thread mentioned above had your fix in it ot not as i didn't read it.
I do know how to create the green screen.

Crank the exposure and brightness all the way down and the contrast up. (like you did)
Then go down to color replacement and user the eye droper choose the black screen.
Replacement color green.


I know what your thinking and you've done this before and it didn't work.
Well just wait.

You missed one really simple step that will make all your dreams come true.

Now, your probably staring at this white and black swirled screen with maybe a bit of color in, but it in no way resembles a green screen.

Final step.

Go up to curves. Go to the green channel.
And grab the end of the line down in the shadows and drag it straight to the top on the same side.


The green screen you've been searching for.

Works everytime.
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