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PD18 Browse Dialog Issue
JL_JL [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Location: Arizona, USA Joined: Oct 01, 2006 20:01 Messages: 6091 Offline
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It appears PD18 2405 has a dialog box alignment bug when browsing for files that have been moved from pds location. The pic PD18_Browse1.png shows the missing file dialog looking for the filename PD18_BrowseFile.mp4. The pic PD18_Brows2.png shows the search dialog with the filename alignment issue showing just BrowseFile.mp4. The entire filename is there if you cursor to the left in the dialog.

The issue is also not related to the use of "_" in the filename, it appears they use xx number of right display characters.

[Thumb - PD18_Browse1.png]
64 Kbytes
10 time(s)
[Thumb - PD18_Browse2.png]
97 Kbytes
13 time(s)
Warry [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Location: The Netherlands Joined: Oct 13, 2014 11:42 Messages: 853 Offline
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Indeed Jeff, I can reproduce this error in my system. It gives precisely the same results as you display: BrowseFile.mp4

However if if change the filename from PD18_BrowseFile.mp4 into PD18_browsefile.mp4, so lowercase after the underscore, the filename in he fileselection screen will be: _browsefile.mp4 (it now starts with the underscore).

I played a bit more with the filename:
When I change the name into NewBrowseFile.mp4, PD18 still displays PD18_browsefile.mp4 after I selected the new place for the file.
which made me "discover again" that media in the media-room displays the original file name, OR the alias assigned to the file by the user. If one resets the alias then the actual filename is used. The handling of the files seems to be correct.

About your bug discovery: it can be reproduced and I take it that you have notified CL.

Take care
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