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PowerDirector History of actions / List of applied actions
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Hi all,
Does PowerDirector not have a feature that tracks the history of changes you've made to a track? If not, is the only way to revert is to use the undo button multiple times?

Also, is there a way to view all the actions that have been applied to a clip? I know visually you can see keyframes, etc. But it would also be helpful to be able to click on a track and view all the effectst that have been applied to it.

Thank you

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No, PD's undo is linear, so you have to undo every change in the same order they were orginally made. You can use Save As after making specific edits so you'll always be able to go back to that exact project version.

There are many edits that are indicated with a small black box with a lowercase "i" at the head of the clip, and hovering the cursor over it will bring up a small menu with the list:

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Perfect, thanks for the information!
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