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What changes are included in v11.0.2307.0?
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I saw that the subscription version of PhD11 got an update on Nov 7, but I haven't seen a list of any changes/fixes/improvements that have occurred. There weren't any details available in the App Manager prior to the update, either.

I did have a support ticket in (CS002070819) after tech support contacted me about the automated crash reports caused by trying to import a particular .NEF clip with the previous version, and I'm happy to say that that specific issue is now fixed in v11.0.2307.0.

If anyone else wants to test and verify this, the problematic clip can be downloaded from here.


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Hello optodata,

You're right. Application Manager doesn't offer any details for that update.

I'm reliably informed by a CL representative of the answer to your query.

PhD v2307 update issue fixes:

  1. Resolves the issue that the program crashes when exporting certain photos contain invalid GPS info.

  2. Resolves the issue that the program crashes when previewing certain Fujifilm .RAF photos.

  3. Resolves the issue that the Calendar tab gets disabled in the library after opened certain projects.

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Oh, and regarding your troublesome .NEF file:

I can confirm that PhD365, wtih the 2307 update patch has no issues importing the .NEF from Nikon D7500.

I can also report, possibly to your surprise, that PhD365 (2027) also had no problem importing it, nor other .NEF files I've tested.

I also have no explanation for that inconsistency. embarassed

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