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PowerDirector Naming Convention
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Maliek [Avatar]
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The attached link is from an email CyberLink sent last month. It states that PowerDirector 18 will be released this month (see bottom of page).

August CyberLink Email

I was happy to see them call it PowerDirector 18. Maybe I'm just too literal for my own good or I'm just getting old and crotchety but I'm tired of people calling it 365. If CyberLink would remove the "365" branding from the product and just offer options for lifetime licenses or subscriptions then it would be much less confusing. Maybe even call it PowerDirector 18 - 365. No matter which version you get in September it will be PowerDirector 18:

  1. PowerDirector 18 Ultra - Lifetime license

  2. PowerDirector 18 Ultimate - Lifetime license

  3. PowerDirector 18 - 365 Annual subscription

I was just wondering...with the second iteration of the annual subscription rolling out will CyberLink stop referring to PowerDirector as PowerDirector 365?

I doubt it...rant complete. laughing

What are your thoughts?

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TDK1044 [Avatar]
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Any leaks on what 18 will have that 17 doesn't?
KMilosz [Avatar]
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For now, it is known only that it will appear on September 18.
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