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Capturing old DV footage in Powerdirector 12 using a pinnacle dazzle dvc100
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Colin1976 [Avatar]
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Hi everyone

I'm having an issue with getting PD 12 to recognise that I have a USB Dazzle device connected. I have a ton of old DV tapes of my son growing up and I'm DESPERATE to get them uplpoaded and edited for family. My laptop recognises the device, but PD doesn't.
Is this because it's Pinnacle hardware?

If that is the case then does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the footage onto the laptop so that I can then import it in? I really don't want to go buying Pinnacle software to do this as I'm not a big fan and it would be a one time use only. Any help would be very greatfully received.

Thanks in advance.
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DV can only be transferred via ieee/firewire/1394. It is an exact copy of the information on the tape. Does your computer have FireWire? HP Envy Phoenix/4thGen i7-4770(4@3.4GHz~turbo>3.9)/Nvidia GTX 960(4GB)/16GB DDR3/7,200rpm/w10x64---
Canon Vixia HV30/HF-M40/HF-M41/HF-G20/Olympus E-PL5. Analog tape capture equipment.
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If your computer has Firewire this would be the preferred method but with the advent of USB, and particularly USB3, Firewire has become less common. The Dazzle has Composite Video, S-Video and stereo audio inputs so as long as the cam has these outputs it will be possible to capture from it, although the quality will likely be poorer.

The Dazzle should have come with software for capture. If you have the DVD it would be worth trying this to import the camera footage.

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xenon1 [Avatar]
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hi guys I have a promlem and its a wee strange
I can see the capture and hear the sound in the monitor picture frame
but when i press record the sound continues but the picture stops freezes within 1 munite or less
all profiles are the same sreult
and all file types as well
nothing changes

yet in Magix it all good

have upgraded the viseo card driver
upgraded the pinnacle driver

whist i have a hdli cable no sound comes out of that only the added audio speakers

apreciate any assistance on this one
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