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Streaming Capture and playback at Home
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JML54 [Avatar]
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I need to know if it is possible to:
1) Use my subscription to various movie services (HBO, ShowTime, Epix, etc.) to download selected movies, then playback via PowerDVD 19 and/or PowerToGo based on my current LAN?
1a) If not possible to stream directly from the provider's app, and playback via PowerDVD 19/PowerToGo, is PowerDVD able to download and safe movies based on my subscription, for later viewing?

2) Dish Network uses a proprietary formating to permit saving of various recorded shows/movies to an External Drive.
2a) Does PowerDVD 19 Ultra/PowerToGo permit recognition of the External Device (USB 3 Samsung HDD)?
2b) Does PowerDVD 19 Ultra/PowerToGo permit playback from the Device?

3) From my repository of 550+ Movies, saved from acquisition over the past 20 years, and backed up to my Home Windows based platform, is it possible to stream via my LAN to a Roku or other TV attached device.
(note: Movies were not backed up using any of the H.nnn formating currently used. All Movies are backed up and may be directly played by PowerDVD due to the process used to save them as backup. Various tools to convert to H.nnn formatting have failed to produce a viable playback file - even though stated as .MP4 or other recognized formats.)

4) The playback is limited to my LAN, and the 20TB of movie storage; from there, what is the best tool/product to playback on other TV's within my home?

Thank you for your guidance. I've been a long time user of the PC based PowerDVD (all the way back to v9 I think) and until now that has been adequate.

With advancements in Technology and streaming Technology, I now want to take advantage of what I have, AND and new movies we select for repeated viewing going forward.

My wife is handicapped and I'm nearing retirement age, so, our repository of movies is important to us.

Are we just SOL, ore is there a potential solution out there to use this large number of puchased movies in a way that minimizes my wife's need to find a desired movie, plus our ability to easily search and playback movies from our bedroom or even the living room.

I'm at a loss of what to do here... I hate to lose the long-time investment of our movies (dating back 20 years) while missing out on current moves that area available and we'd like to watch again in the future.

QC2.0 [Avatar]
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Those online video streaming services are not supported by powerdvd except for YouTube and Vimeo they specified separately.

If most of your video files are in supported formats of powerdvd media casting feature, you can cast files to Roku from powerdvd. But, the setup and operations are not that convenient if there are 20 TB video files on the disposal.

To make it more convenient, I would recommend you browse or play your movie database (20 TB) on smart TV directly with TV remote via Home Media DLNA way.

The best option is set your 20 TB storage in a NAS.
Let the NAS host a media server (DLNA - DMS) directly for other DLNA players (DMP) to browse and play.
(DMP examples: Powerdvd, most of the smart TVs on the market)

There are lots of tutorials you can found from Google

The entry/consumer level NAS should support the DLNA server (DMS) feature.
However, the subtitle playback compatibility via DLNA playback is questionable.
If you use subtitles for your movies often, you might have to check the subtitle compatibility in advance with your hardware vendor or IT guy before you buy a NAS directly.

It is not necessary to use powerdvd or powerdvd library only to host the media server as the performance is far away from an independent NAS.
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