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Gamepad Support
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I have my main PC that i use keyboard and mouse on, but for my HTPC in the living room i like to use a gamepad. This is where i watch movies.

This would be the only reason i would upgrade from my current version of Cyberlink PowerDVD 18. I really hate having to switch remotes just to play my blurays. I have an air mouse, with a full keyboard on the back. And thiat works ok enough. It's just clunky to switch back and forth. And to explain to guests that if they want to watch a movie, they have to switch to this remote, and it works like this. (Showing casual pc users how to work an air mouse/keyboard is not as simple as it seems, there is a learning curve) I think this would be a pretty elegant addition to the program.

I know you can use workarounds such as Joypadder, but that's not something i am interested in. I wish there was native support.

Any chance this would be implemented?
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CyberLink doesn't monitor this forum regularly, so you should contact them directly with your new feature request. You can submit it here:

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