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All my folders in the library are suddenly gone!
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Hilda1 [Avatar]
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I had many folders in my PhotoDirector Library and they have all vanished. I have been doing the backups as the prompts come up and it was just a month ago that I was able to view all the folders. I am heartbroken over this as I feel I have lost everything. Is there something that I can do to possibly retrieve my folders? I have been using PhotoDirector for a few years now and have never encountered this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Hilda1
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I'm sorry that this happened to you, but you'll almost certainly be able to recover all of your edits. Also, your actual source images and everything you've exported are not affected in any way, as this issue only affects the main .PHD data file the PhotoDirector opens when it starts up.

Another user faced this exact same problem only 2 weeks ago, and a quick search, or even looking at the list of recent PhotoDirerctor forum posts would have lead you straight to the solution. Hopefully the steps there will allow you recover your previously working .PHD file: Basically all you need to do is restore your last backup and everything should be fine.

You may need to go back more than one version if the last backup was made after the problem started. Please post back here if you have any problems or other questions.


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tomasc [Avatar]
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You did not specify which version of PhotoDirector you are inquiring about. There may be an easy way to get it all back. This is for PhD10. If you use onedrive then it may be included in the bottom path.

Try this: Open File explorer. Go to Pictures/PhotoDirector/10.0 or whatever/user name/*.phd. Open that phd file and it should open PhotoDirector. Click on the Library tab and you should see all those folders again.

EDIT: optodata answered first. You may want to try the above first if you are using PhotoDirector 10.
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