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Low Light photo, strange colored pixels
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no3puttz [Avatar]
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I have a photo I took during the golden hour in the morning, when imported to photodirector 10 I have small multicolored pixels appearing in my photo. I opened the same photo in other programs and they are not in the picture. any ideas?
PPCyber [Avatar]
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This is RAW or jpg file?

Any examples like part of the image showing this pixels?
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Hello no3puttz,

Welcome to the PhD forum.

PPCyber made a good suggestion. If you can provide more details & examples it makes it much easier to investigate the cause of the issue.

I deliberately selected low light (golden hour) photos that I thought would show colour artefacts when previewed at 100% (1:1) and checked them in PhD10, Lightroom, & ON1 Photo RAW. In each app, the preview quality was set to standard (the middle setting).

Here's a screen capture showing what I was seeing in each.

I've zipped 3 screenshots showing the preview quality in each application.

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