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metadata problems
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JD25 [Avatar]
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Hi All

Has anyone had problems with attaching metadata tags to their images. Since having photodirector whenever I have attached tags to the images and then exported them, the images lose most of their tags during the operation. For example, if I attach 20 tags to an image as a TIF and then export it to a jpeg, the jpeg will only contain 10 of the original tags, and these might even be missing letters or half of the word such as "Britian" (before) and "Bri" (after).

Most recently after some testing advised the support team, I have noticed that in a large group of exported images, these tags will even be mixed with tags of other images exported during teh same operation. I noticed this when I exported 35 images of a mix of subjects but all were of nature/outdoor envrionments, out of the 35 images, 21 had the issue described above and one image that of coastal cliffs and a lightouse had taggs of "woodland" and "bracken" to name couple within the list of attached keywords, I double checked the TIF file and these words were not attached before the export operation.

Has anyone got any thoughts or experiences to share on this bizarre issue?

Kind regards
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Hello JD25,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

I can partially confirm your findings & definitely confirm there is an issue with the way PhD interprets text tags/keywords.

To test, I began by importing 10 photos (JPG) from 10 different cameras. Each photo was tagged with 10 tags, some of which were common e.g. they were all tagged with "Imaging Resource" (the download source) and "original"

After export (including resizing), & adding the tagged photos to the project, quite a few tags were missing or incomplete in PhotoDirector. e.g. one tag "river" was displayed as "ri"

BUT, the tags are actually present and correct in the exported photos. I confirmed this by:

  1. checking Windows properties

  2. opening the tagged photos in Lightroom & ON1 Photo RAW

  3. checking in JPEGSnoop & EXIFtool

In those checks ALL tags were present & complete.

I've uploaded the exported photos in a zip file for reference. Attached is a PDF listing the tags applied in PhD10 prior to export.

I will alert the team at CL to the issue.

Tags Test.pdf
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