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Photodirector library
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Sorry in advance, this is a very basic question (which I can’t find an answer to).

Does PD work on the same principle as Lightroom, namely are my RAW negative files left intact while any edits are kept in a separate PD library? If so, how do I locate the library? And is there a method for backing this library up every time PD exits, same as with LR?

Also, is it possible to set up a number of different detailed import profiles, which include a different set of keywords?

I’m still trialling PD with a view to switching away from LR. Do any regular users combine PD with a proprietary importer, rather than using the in built import feature? Can anyone recommend anything?

Thanks v. much.
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Hello Mike,

That is correct. When you import any image (RAW, JPG or any format) the original (on your PC) is left completely untouched while you're editing. It's not until you export a photo that the changes can be seen in an image stored on your PC. It's non-destructive editing.

You can't find "the library" to my knowledge, but you can locate the project folder which contains the project file (.phd) and associated cache folders. They'll be wherever you saved the project to.

In Preferences, you can set your Backup reminder from every session, daily, weekly, monthly to never.

I'll have to investigate your question about setting up different import profiles. Though PhD can apply adjustments & keyword tags on import, I'm not aware that those "profiles" can be saved for future use.

Generally I have no need for a 3rd party converter but, as you're aware, there are some formats that will not yet import into PhD e.g. CR3 mentioned in the other recent thread. Personally, I use a number of other photo editing apps (including Lr) so the need doesn't usually arise. Adobe DNG Converter is useful at times. I think it very much depends on the cameras you're using.

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