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Basic Product capability questions...
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I am a CyberLink newbie.
I am interested in Blu Ray disk use and eventually copying.

I purchased an ASUS Blu Ray drive and intalled it on my workstation.
It came with Power2go8 and Powerbackup. I installed those products. They seem fairly straight forward -- a utility to copy stuff to/from a BluRay media and a backup program to create a backup media.

What I want to do is to essentially rip Blu Ray DVDs. To do that I need to read them and I thought I needed to purchase PowerDVD because it could avoid the Cinavia watermark. Is that true??

My intention was to use MakeMKV to pull the data from the Blu-ray, then run it through Handbrake to compress it down and write it to a Blu Ray disc or my media server.

Along the way I thought that I read that I needed PowerDVD 18 to remove the Cinavia watermark and then I could take the data and pass it through Handbrake.

Is that true -- do I need PowerDVD 18 to eliminate the watermark?
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None of the CyberLink products will let you rip commercial Blu-rays. Or commercial DVDs for that matter. You can extract content from music CDs and home made DVDs in some of the software.

PowerDVD or any other products do not remove Cinavia either. PowerDVD is a media playback software and is not designed for ripping video from discs.

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