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Green Screen Problems
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RobboDaYobbo [Avatar]
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Ok .. so I have Power Director 10.

I am using a Nikon P900 as my camera in front of the green screen. The video is saved on the camera as a .MOV file.

When I import the video and play it from the LIBRARY it is crystal clear. As is when it is displayed in the Preview Box.

I then double click the video in slot two... Select CHROMA KEY and choose the back ground colour.

This then give you another preview box where the front video is still crystal clear.....

THEN... when I press save and the program takes me back to the main editing section, the video of me sitting in front of the green screen is HIGHLY pixalated !!!!

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP !!!! I am not making a big budget hollywood movie.. lol... but I would like not to have the pixalated front video so messed up..

AM I doing something wrong ???

Again the video works fine and looks SHARP and CRISP.... but after hitting SAVE on the CHROMA KEY it then distorts ?????

THANKS in advance.

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