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Powerdirector Cropping Hd720 video
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starzar [Avatar]
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I have recently purchased PowerDirector Ultra 17 and exported my first Hd720p video.

The Hd720p video is getting automatically cropped.
I have tested videos in other Videoeditors and they are shown in the original aspect ratio(as expected).
However, Powerdirector videos have a crop

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


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Warry [Avatar]
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I use PD17 a lot and have not seen this kind of cropping before.
A few questions and suggestions:

  • The title of your entry suggests that you have uploaded to Youtube and that it shows cropped on Youtube?

  • I see that you are problaby using Windows Media Player? Have you tried any other player like VLC (or even windows 10) photos? It may be that it is not the video but the player that causes the problem?

  • Also worth while to check the properties of the video, they should compare to the ones you have used while producing?

  • And the properties of the project?

I guess that you have used PD to produce the video first and not to directly produce and upload to Youtube.
I also see that your windows have not been activated? I have no clue wehther that has any influence on the display of videos or not. All or more information will help us help you.
Hope this helps
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