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Power Media Player 14 and importing iTunes missing information
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I did see the old postings about itunes which did not cover the problem I ran into.

I'm using Power Media 14 ( and trust this will be the right place to post as there is no index for Power Media Player. I don't want to upgrade to the latest version just yet as I want to make sure this works as I want it to. I only need a good player and media organizer as I want to get away from iTunes.

Media Player 14 came with my new pc which is running windows 10. I do have all the latest updates.

My whole library minus one or two songs which i believe is due to drm issue and I can take cae of that later) has pretty much been imported into media player. The only glitch is that quite a few songs ended up in unkown album. I can't find anywhere in the program or settings where I can edit the title, album, artist, Genre info.

For example a 4 cd anthology I have in itunes displays correctly and the artist's folder within iTunes folder shows the correct name of the group, artist, etc. Yet in mediaplayer, it's missing the info for album, artist, genre. Right now my tracks only show as 1-01, 1-02 etc.

Within the unknown album the majority of these tracks are wav files. Also there are a few others that are mp3's from another album.

With Media Player open and I right click on the title field, I get menu options and choose View Information which shows me the file name and location. The location shows the correct album name.

Where or how do I edit these tracks?

Due to a recent move all my cds are still in storage- if there is no other way to fix, then I guess it will have to wait till I get them out of storage.

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