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Stuttering issues during BR playing
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BaB77 [Avatar]
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I'm experiencing some random stuttering since PowerDVD18 last update.

I'm playing bluray isos on a 4K monitor and will give you more details than those listed here that can help me to find the culprit.

Those stutters are coming totally randomly, on many different discs.
Sometimes there's none, and sometimes there's a lot.
I need to shutdown Power DVD and I can see that those stutters are still visible on the Windows taskbar and the start menu. After a while they disappear.

I admit I'm investigating since days and I've tried a lot of things :
• Updating GPU bios.
• Updating Intel Chipset.
• Uninstalling MSI Afterbuner.
• Updating Nvidia drivers.
• Upgrading HDMI cable.
• Deactivated profile manager of my calibrating software.

Windows is up to date, I didn't install 1903 update yet.

I've rollbacked to Power DVD 18 update from March 19 and will run test as soon as possible, maybe there's some incompatibility...

I've considered upgrading to Power DVD 19 and even think about upgrading my GPU (GTX 970) but what if those stutters are still there ?

Is there some monitoring software I could use to find what's happening ?
Some settings in Power DVD ?
Did anyone else encounter this kind of annoying bug ?
Is there any known problem with Nvidia latest drivers (as far as I know everything was fine before april) ?

Anyway, any help would be very great.

Thanks in advance.
mike54 [Avatar]
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when playing on PC - TASK MANAGER (go to details) - Powerdvd.exe - set AFINITY to - 1 CPU ( not 8 or 4) ONLY ONE ! ...and set to HIGHER priority.

  • fix !

jesus christ!
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