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One More Issue with V2721
bcf1ca [Avatar]
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I recently purchased Director Suite 365, primarily for video editing multicam projects. I was very pleased with my first project and looked forward to my next project. However, the recent 2721 update to Power Director has broken a feature I use frequently. Specifically, the Crossfade option has disappeared when moving a video clip from one track to another when the source clip is overlapped on top of the destination clip. My workflow before the update was this:
1. I edited the project that was shot with 2 cameras in the Multicam Designer. The project used a separate audio file recorded using a digital recorder. The video clips were synced to this track. I inserted no transitions while in multicam mode.
2. I opened the multicam project in the Timeline.
3, I inserted a video track above Track 1. This new track would be used to hold a clip temporarily while I adjusted the length of a clip.
4. I dragged a Track 2 clip up to Track 1, being careful to ensure it did not shift left or right.
5. I dragged the left edge of the clip on Track 1 to make it a little longer.
6. I then dragged the lengthened clip from Track 1 back on top of Track 2, keeping the right edge of the clip in its original position.
7. When I released the mouse button, a mini menu appeared where I had 4 options, Overwrite, Insert, Insert and Move All Clips/Crossfade. I chose the Crossfade option.
The result was a short crossfade transition from the first to second clip and no change to the position of the rest of the clips on the timeline.

Here's the problem: after the update, the mini menu no longer has the Crossfade option. It only has Overwrite, Insert and Insert and Move All Clips. This can be seen in the attachments with this message. One file is from before the update and the other after the update to version 17.3.2721.0. The mini menu in each clearly shows the difference.

If the clips are on the same track and they are overlapped, the Crossfade option appears. It's only when the clips are moving from one track to another that the issue occurs.

I have submitted a ticket to support and am waiting for their follow-up. In the meantime, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue or could test to see if they see the same thing. Fortunately, I'd done a system image of my computer a few days before the update so I was able to restore my copy of PD to the earlier version and will delay installing the update until I know the issue has been resolved.

Thanks in advance.

[Thumb - Overlap options before update.jpg]
Overlap options before update.jpg
Overlap options before 2721 update
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[Thumb - Overlap options after update.jpg]
Overlap options after update.jpg
Overlap options after 2721 update
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