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Windows scaling makes video blurry
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vmd12 [Avatar]
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I have a 27-inch 4k monitor. Texts are too small at 100% scaling so I set the scaling at 150% in windows settings. However, I notice that this makes videos in powerdvd 18 blurrier than they should be. Setting the scaling to 100% again fixes the problem. Is there any solution for this?
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First I would suggest updating your GPU driver to ensure you have the latest version.

Second, for the scaling issue try this:

1. Right click on the Powerdvd 18 desktop icon and then select Properties.
2. Click on the Compatibility tab.
3. Click "Change high DPI settings", and then select the "Override high DPI setting: Application" option.
4. Restart PowerDVD and then check the results.

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