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GPS Metadata stripped during export TIFF to JPG
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AltaDog [Avatar]
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With PhotoDirector 9, I am starting with TIFF files that have GPS coordinates in metadata. After exporting to JPG, the GPS metadata is gone. I looked at the IPTC profiles, but don't see GPS fields there. However, why not keep the metadata that is already there?
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Hello AltaDog,

Welcome to the PhD forum laughing

For a start, the way PhD (any version) reads GPS data is very hit & miss. When it does read the data, it provides quite a basic summary.

e.g. EXIF data in ExifTool shows:
GPS Altitude : 117.7 m Above Sea Level
GPS Date/Time : 2019:01:12 08:53:54Z
GPS Latitude : 34 deg 58' 34.57" S
GPS Longitude : 116 deg 53' 37.90" E
GPS Position : 34 deg 58' 34.57" S, 116 deg 53' 37.90" E

PhD shows: Tingledale, Western Australia, Australia, rather than GPS coordinates. N.B. it didn't read the GPS data at all from the original file - had to pass through Lightroom first embarassed

That said, I cannot replicate your stated issue. If I import .TIF files containing GPS data - then export as .JPG - the GPS data is not stripped from the file.

On export, please ensure that "Remove EXIF" & "Remove IPTC" are unchecked.

Could you please check the .TIFs included in this .ZIP file?

After editing & exporting as .JPG, all metadata should be present.

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