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PowerDVD 18 Ultra Feels Like A Buggy Downgrade
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I upgraded from PowerDVD 17 Ultra last month and have been using PowerDVD since PowerDVD 14. This versioon has been out for a long time, and has had plenty of time for fixes.

Here are my issues.

Launching the application takes slightly longer.

I experience longer pauses between opening videos and images.

Forwarding videos either by the forward button and especially by grabbing and dragging the dot, it shows a lot less screenshots in the process to know where you want to let go, and when you do let go, the video timeline will end up a ways back and slowly forward to the position you put it at to resume.

I also dislike that you have to take an extra step to zoom in an image. Before you just had to click on the zoom button. Now you have to do that, and click on the smaller zoom button above when the bar appears.

What I would like to see added in PowerDVD 19

A smoother experience like in the previous versions.

In settings, an option to automatically fit images to the screen size.
(You added this in PowerDVD 18 for videos, and thought it would work for images too, why not? This is a simple and convenient feature that should have been added many versions ago.)

GIF support

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