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PD 15 Ultimate - timeline not in sync with what is displayed in preview window
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JustAl [Avatar]
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I have PD 5 Ultimate with the latest updates. I am having a issue with the syncing of the timeline and what is shown in the preview window.

I am working with a music video for my brother's former band that was copied from a DVD. The original video was on VHS tape and made 25 years ago, and then placed on a DVD. In the video there is a few seconds of black space between two parts of the video clip. When I play it, the position marker in the timeline is still in the black space portoin but the preview windows is about four frames ahead. In other portions of the video clip, it is off by two frames, so it varies - but the preview window is the one ahead. The tape that was put onto a DVD had poor audio and the beginning of it suffed from the tape stretching. I have access to some of the raw footage and a clean recording of the song from a CD. I have added the audio from the CD, so it sounds much better. But the sync issue is making it difficult to replace some portions of the video due to the sync issue - I have to do alot of guessing as far as lining things up.

Has anyone else encountered such a sync issue? I did a search and did not find a hit (perhaps I used incorrect search terms though).

Thank you,
Al JustAl
tomasc [Avatar]
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You could fix the sync issue quite easily if say the stretch or shrink in the tape speed is more or less constant.

Sync the CD audio clip at the beginning of the video clip. At the end of the video watch the lip sync. Highlight the CD audio. Place the cursor at the end. Hold down the Ctrl key and stretch the audio clip to the right to slow it down or to the left to speed it up.

You can do the above to the video clip instead if you trust the CD to have the correct musical timing.
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