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photo director 10
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reddragon [Avatar]
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I have had this program for a few months worked great. Now I can not open no matter what I do so I re installed and getting a error can't reinstall. I am waiting for support but maybe someone here can help? Thanks
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I have never seen such an error message, but have you tried to reboot your computer?

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If you suddenly couldn't open PhD10, that implies that something fairly significant affected your c: drive or registry, and the inability to reinstall it tells me that the problem is with Windows. If you made a full system backup back when when everything was working properly, restoring that image would be far and away the easiest and quickest solution here.

If not, rather than try and figure out exactly what went wrong and try to repair things in a step by step fashion, if I were you, I'd go straight to the resetting your computer. Here are the various options for Win 10, and while you can try the first two options, you're more likely to find that the 3rd option (Reset this PC) is what you need.

You should also consider making a full backup once everything is running again. Free software like Macrium Reflect is a good choice.

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tomasc [Avatar]
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See this post, The OP reported the same error message occurred in PD16 while downloading the software update 7 months ago:;jsessionid=49ED2A2D40D78FA6C8C4E8D5A1EC6095 . It is possible that your internet connection is too slow like in using mobile data.
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