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PowerDirector 16 Corrupting Files and Crashing
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cosmocornbread [Avatar]
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I have been using Power Director for several years and started using 16 in October. Last week I created a short video and saved it/produced the same way I do all of my videos. I tried to use that short video as a trailer to other videos and the second it starts to play, PD crashes and closes. The file can not be played at all. PowerDirector can't play it without crashing and closing every time. It is as though the file it created is corrupted.

Earlier today, I spent hours on a project. I finished it and uploaded it to YouTube, and YT said the file could not be processed.

I opened the video in PD and once again, it crashed and closed.

I opened the saved pds file ( I always save one as I am working along the way through a project) and RE-produced/rendered the video all over again. Once again, the same thing has happened. I can play the whole video all the way through in the workspace with no issue. But as soon as I render it into a finished Mp4, and is crashing everything.


I have not changed any settings in PD16, everything is as it has always been, but this seems to be happening with no reason or known cause, on a random basis. I ahve lost hours of work. Every time it happens, it sends a crash report to Cyberlink, but that doesn't do me any good. I love PowerDirector and really don't want to have to learn a whole new editing program. But I will have no other option if I can't find out what is causing this.

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Sorry that you're having such a hard time. There are several things that I'd like you to do to help get the situation resolved.

From what you're describing, everything works great EXCEPT for the actual clip that gets produced. Two simple steps are to try to play that clip in a regular player, like Windows Media PLayer or VLC or Win10's Movies & TV app. Do any of those work properly?

The next thing is to simply change the profile you use to produce the clip. If you've been using your system's GPU to produce (by checking the Fast video rendering technology box and using Intel QuickSync or Hardware video encoder), uncheck the box and try again.

If you'd like to diagnose what's actually causing the problem, please look at the Read Me Before Posting thread at the top of the PD16 forum index page, and follow the steps to run the DxDiag test and attach the results. Also, please tell us the full version number as detailed in that thread. All of these details are critical to diagnosing your issue.

Another step would be to upload a copy of the apparently damaged output clip to OneDrive or Google Drive or the Cyberlink Cloud. Then paste the link to it here so one of us can download it and glean the details of what went wrong when it was produced.


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