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Need Help in understanding importing raw photos
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JESSICA123 [Avatar]
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I'm still a bit lost on this subject and not finding much tutorials or documentation.

I purchased an external drive in hopes to keep my hard drive from getting filled up with RAW photos. So i'm wondering how others import their photos if they are using an external drive?

Should I download the photos from my card and put on the external drive then import into PHD from the external drive?

It's funny, I bought the external drive to make things easier, and now i'm confused. I think I need to find a article on how to use the organization feature. I'm really confused, and it's taking me away from editing.

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Hello JESSICA123,

What you've done is perfectly sensible and should work for you if the external drive is permanently connected to your PC. Even if it's a portable drive, as long as it's connected for PhD sessions there should be no issues.

You take a series of photos (RAW or JPG doesn't matter) then transfer those from your SD card to your external drive. Assuming your external drive is connected and set up with a logical (for you) folder structure, you'll be able to import, edit & export photos to/from your external drive as you wish.

Depending on the particular drive, you may find that transfer (read/write) speeds aren't as good as working from an internal drive on your PC, but that ought to be the only possible downside.

Of course, if your external drive is disconnected for any reason, when you open a project in PhD it's going to try to look for the drive, and you'll get alerts suggesting the photos are "missing". Keep connected laughing

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