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Odd HDCP Issue
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SuccubusRose [Avatar]
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Trying to watcha bluray today I was told that my computer wasn't compatible and running the blu-ray advisor showed that I apparently didn't have an HDCP compatible GPU/Display...

So I re-installed the same version of the driver I already used and then suddenly I did.

Now I'm used to the software arbitrarily deciding I don't have a capable computer the very nano-second that NVidia release a new driver but this is the first time I've had to re-download the drivers I'm using because it decided to be strange - the NVidia control panel was still showing HDCP compatibility on all screens, so the cyberlink stuff just decided to stop recognising that the driver was installed and correctly displaying that it had HDCP on every component

Thought I'd mention this incase Cyberlink can look at why their software is so sensitive and paranoid that it stops people watching films from time to time.

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