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So, there are adverts in the bottom left of the PowerDVD 17, nagging me to buy the newer version...

Is it just me that thinks this is very... WTF?

When you pay for a, let's face it, fairly expensive player; you don't expect to have adverts built-in. Made even more annoying since the colour is really over-saturated and people appear orange even after turning the options down.
Then you get some copy/paste infuriating response that shows they clearly haven't even read your ticket when you try to ask them if there is a way to improve the picture...
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Not really that big a deal, as you can easily turn that off in Preferences. Did you even look? Just go to Player Settings > General and then deselect "Check for product update information".

That feature is mainly there to inform uses about patch updates, which is important when they are needed for BD playback. Not surprised that a company encourages you to upgrade as well. But whatever, you have the choice to turn them off. Just come to the forum to check for patch updates.

The colour issues you mentioned are probably not fully on the PowerDVD side. Rarely have I ever read this complaint here. More to do with optimizing it with your graphics card. Why don't you follow the forum's suggestions and post info about your setup so other users can help you.


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