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Best Presets or adjustments for video games?
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noface60 [Avatar]
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Hello I record a lot of video game footage and would really like osme help on making the the footage feel more defined as well as giving off a natural tone and sense of clarity. If anyone would be willing to give me some direction or help or even a link to a SPECIFIC preset that's useful it'd be much appreciated! Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Hello noface60,

Welcome to the ColorDirector forum laughing

The would be no such thing, I think, as the "best" preset for adjusting all game footage. There's such a huge variety of graphic & design styles, ranging from cartoonish to life-like.

For example, if you applied the same colour adjustment to Assassin's Creed & Super Mario, you'd get very unsatisfying results.

My view would be that, beyond some basic sharpening & clarity adjustment, you'd need to make presets appropriate to the graphics in a particular game.

Another thing to consider is that during many games light & colours vary significantly, so applying a preset universally may not work too well.

It very much depends on the game/s you're referring to.

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