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Director Suite 6 Shelved 10 days after I purchased!
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albodes12 [Avatar]
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Ok...someone please help me here. I purchased Director Suite 6 on 9-15 direclty from Cyberlink with the extended download option. I went to update the software today and found Director Suite 6 is not even listed for update/upgrade and all of the included programs moved to the next version. Does this mean I have to pay to upgrade?! If I would have known that, I would have waited to purchase!

On top of that, the software doesn't recognize it has been registered and updating is a pain!
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CyberLInk has a 30 day refund policy, so you can return your purchase and then buy the Director Suite 365. Just contact customer service about it.

Please note though that your purchase is the perpetual license, but the new version of Director Suite is subscription only.

wildrose [Avatar]
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reply to policy about upgrading Director Suite 6.
There is no upgrade-- seems tacky--why not??
Cyberlink reply!!
you are trying to push your Clients into buying an annual subscription--
you have done this in a tactless, somwhat deceivingly and sudden manner.
You were perfectly fine with us buying your Suite 6--even though you had the annual already planned.
So then you simply deny us--your faithful customers an upgrade to our existing Director Suite 6.
Well, tell your CEO in Taiwan-she is barking up the wrong tree and Social Media will hear about her deception and she can go to the moon with her policy, if she thinks, she can boss us in America around.
Many of us feel this way.
We demand an upgrade for our existing Director Suite 6,
not upgrade to any single Director and
we will not be forced into an annual plan.
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This is a user forum, and it's not very likely that the people you seem to want to talk to will see your post here. If you're unhappy with your past purchase, I think you should speak to someone in Cyberlink Customer Service. Here's their contact info.

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