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Activating Codecs
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I just installed Director Suite 365. When I launched AudioDirector for the first time, I think I saw a message about activating codecs. I didn't catch what it said.

I know that in the past some bits and pieces had to be activated within thirty days.

Assuming I wasn't hallucinating, does anyone know how to activate whatever things (other than the program itself) need to be activated? Jerry Schwartz
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Hello jerrys,

I've only just done what you've just done (opened ADR9 as part of DS365 for the first time). I didn't see any notification to activate codecs and have had no issues importing a sample set of audio clips which includes dozens of clips in a variety of formats & configurations.

If you weren't hallucinating and there was a notification at your end, I wouldn't be too concerned. As far as I'm aware, if codecs are installed on your system, active software will make use of them when necessary.

I'd carry on working with ADR9 &, if there is some related decoding or encoding issue report it here.

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