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export 4096pix x 3072pix
Milebo [Avatar]
Newbie Location: France Joined: Sep 06, 2018 08:42 Messages: 5 Offline
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have just discovered this export template, and I would like to know where it may be useful.
It could come in handy for photos, but how?
I tried the template, it produced a video that says it is that size, and that video is playable
in Windows "Film and Tv" app, just like ordinary .mp4 clips.
Anybody using this template here? thanks
Senior Contributor Location: N.S.W. Australia Joined: May 08, 2009 02:06 Messages: 9977 Offline
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Hi Milebo -

I've never used that export profile, because I don't have any camera that records 4:3 video at that resolution. Some cameras do, like GoPro Hero 6 Black (mine's a 5) & some cameras shoot stills at 4096x3072.

So - it would be a useful profile if you had original material (videos or photos) in that resolution.

Cheers - Tony
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Milebo [Avatar]
Newbie Location: France Joined: Sep 06, 2018 08:42 Messages: 5 Offline
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Well, thanks for the answer, which I sadly agree with.. I do have pctures that might be of use in a 4/3 pic slideshow, but as I see it, any footage which has to do with VR seems to be exclusive of "straight"UHD video export.

V I Update!
I did try the Power Director prodedure for creating a VR file, following a friend's piece of advice ..
"When all else fails, read the handbook, stupid!"
Let me start here, with the basics of VR :
Then on to PD 15 (sorry, it's too tricky to update to 16 on my 64gb laptop):
- see "Help" section to import any straight .mp4 4k video (better make it short, for testing)
- you'll have to specify that this should be treated as VR .. sorry to induce you into the temptation of lying, guys!
- It's better to just specify 2D as format, it is specifically meant to help you cheat the prog...
- export the piece as 4k VR, into which mode you're pressed into by the format of the import.

What to make of the exported clip?
... on clicking, the file is opened in the "film and video" player , just fine, only .....
you get a cross top left of the (non 4k) screen, a navigation interface, feel free to go up, down, or sideways.
On a computer you can drag the picture around the screen with a mouse, maybe your finger/stylus on a phone,
and you get a circular dial top left to remind you of the segment you're viewing. More than I bargained for!

For the time being I'll have a break , just to explore the intricacies of displaying a picture that's not too distorted.
I'm planning a rig for my two 4 k WPhones (the second was second hand, half price) and push back my retirement from exploration of the shortcuts towards strings-free 3D VR for amateurs...
This has been a happy day, so far!

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