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Timeline clip filename extension
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I seem to be looking (by habit) for something I cannot see.

I seem convinced that the filename of a clip on the timeline used to show the extension as well, but its not there!

Am I wrong? Was it there? Have I inadvertently turned it off? Can it be displayed? Have CL removed it recently?

I cannot think of any other reason I am missing it - I seem to think it used to be there. I know I can view Properties to see it, and its displayed in the Library but its not always clear which thumbnail is a jpg or mp4 or mts.

All help appreciated.


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Hi Alan -

I'm only able to check back to PDR14 & I can't recall what earlier versions displayed, but...

In PDR 16, 15 & 14 the filnename extension is displayed in the media library but not in the timeline (even when you hover over a clip or image).

Cheers - Tony
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JL_JL [Avatar]
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Quote but not in the timeline (even when you hover over a clip or image).

A feature of PD12 and newer.

[Thumb - PD11_timeline_ext.png]
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Longedge [Avatar]
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Never noticed that! I'm same as Tony with my PDR15 - no filename extension.
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Ok - thanks all for your inputs - must have dreamt it or confused with different software

but thanks anyway it at least clarifies my questions.
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