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Dedicated Media keys wont work when the powerDVD 17 is playing in background
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I have recently updated my PC to Windows 10 and while doing so i came across PowerDVD 17 which looked very cool so i decided to try it out. I must say i like it a lot.

The issue I'm facing is that my keyboard ( CIrcle Adroit x7c) has a set of dedicated media keys which only respond when the powerDVD 17 is in the focused window. Whenever I open any other application such as browser or other folders the media keys do not respond at all until I make the PowerDVD 17 window to focus again. Most of the time I listen to music while playing games and its really annoying to minimise the game everytime i want to handle the media player.

My media keys work just fine as I have tested them using the groove music playing in the background and also to control the volume of my PC. My keyboard is a cheap one and doesnt require any software to set up. Its just connect and use.

Before upgrading my PC to windows 10 I was on windows 7 ultimate and I always used the windows media player to play the music using the dedicated media keys.

My specs :
Windows 10 x64
Intel i3

Things I have tried doing:
Make PowerDVD the default music player
Uninstalling Groove ( i thought maybe it was taking over my media keys) P.S: It magically reinstalled itself
Administor rights given to PowerDVD17
Updating all drivers

These are the things i can think of right now, please ask any more details from me if needed. I hope there is a solution for this. I dont want to go back to using Windows media player or the groove music after using this cool player

Thank you

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