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h264 video playback not supported
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I just recently got Colordirector 6. I had a video in mp4 format that i was hoping to edit but when i went to upload, i got the message saying H264 video playback is not supported and that i would have to update. Update to what exactly? If anyone else has had this issue, were you able to fix it so that you could import an mp4 video?
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H.264 defines many formats. Cyberlink does support only few of them.
Best results with: fixed frame rate, fixed bitrate, YUV4:2:0, 8Bit.
With any other format, there can be problems. So if you have footage from a more professional camera, that shoots in YUV4:2:2 or more) in 10Bit, than ColorDirector is not able to load that footage.
So try to convert your video clip prior to loading it to ColorDirector. Handbrake is the most recommended converter. And, unfortunately, you will loose color information...

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Hello CM120884,

Hatti has made some valid points & we need to find out more about the issue you're having. At face value, H.264 is an industry standard and there shouldn't be a problem.

Are you perhaps using the trial version of CDR6? If so, that's the issue. It has limitations the retail version does not:

  • Importing and producing H.264 video files is only supported on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or hardware platforms offering independent H.264 encoding

  • Does not support 2K/4K resolution H.264 video

If that's not the problem, could you please let us know the source & properties of the clips causing the issue? Camera? Brand? Model? Recording settings?

You can use MediaInfo to generate a report on video properties. The more information we have, the better.

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