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New Spamming trick - beware!
PowerDirector Moderator [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan Joined: Oct 18, 2016 00:25 Messages: 2104 Offline
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Hi Members,

We would like to draw a new spamming technique to your attention and enlist your help to combat this type of spam.

The spammer posts a straightforward request for help with an issue. This request is often a bit "general", and quite often it may be based on an older existing post - sometimes word for word! More often than not the spammer has no other posts recorded in their profile.

Members may answer as normal, but sometime later, usually several days not hours, the spammer then edits the original and replaces the text with the spam garbage.

As you will appreciate this is very difficult to police, as edits do not always flag up and the spam message then lurks undetected. Picking such changes up relies on having a good memory for similar content/queries in the past!!

Some members have recently been notifying us when they come across such spam and then we can remove them, and I would like to encourage all members to do the same - just drop us a PM with the offending messge url and we can then isolate the post/thread in question.

This one has appeared today :

- there is no way to tell if this is genuine at this point, but it is an exact copy of this one from Nov 25th 2017 :

so it will be kept under review.

Thank you.
PowerDirector Moderator

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