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Suggested Improvements
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Some recommended improvements are:

  1. Ensure the refresh button on the Rip an Audio CD actually works as my copy keeps the old information when disc has been changed causing me to close the application and recommence.

  2. Ensure the File for saving (Destination Folder) can be navigated without having to change and then re-edit. i.e. should work like Explorer does

  3. Ensure that when ripping that you can overwrite current information not create a new directory each time, once again like Microsoft File Explorer.

  4. Ensure can rip multiple Audio CDs without having to exit because of the above and start afresh.

  5. Make the work screen adjustable in size, it just isn't big enough for the Select Songs and Edit Information area.

These problems occurred in Power2Go 10. I bought power2Go 12 Platinum and the problem still exists. i.e. no product update in this area.
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All good suggestions, but you should submit them here, since this is a user led site and CyberLink development team is not guaranteed to view them.

If you submit them to the link provided, they will be logged and passed on.

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