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Did I miss something?
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Just received an email from Cyberlink proudly announcing a Sale and going on to boast More Ways To Enrich Your Digital Life - by getting PowerDirector 15 (yes 15) thats faster smoother and has more editing features. I also see on this forum on May 31 2018 a new patch has been released for PD15.

Call me old fashioned but I thought when I purchased PD16 I WAS getting a faster smoother and more featured video editor than PD15 but on the surface one could be forgiven for thinking maybe PD15 was better than PD16. I know some users have been disappointed with so called improvements in PD16 that failed to address issues in PD15.

Yes I checked my calendar and its not 1st April either. (UK April fools day)

So whats going on? Should I upgrade to PD15 - but seriously - why is PD15 being updated when surely CL should be concentrating on their current PD flagship v16?

PowerDirector Tutorials
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yeah I got the same email and was thinking the same thing. Only thing I could think of was if you can not afford PD16 you can get this great deal on PD15. hahaahahaah... Maybe someone was in a hurry to leave the office and pulled up and old newletter and said looks good I am out of here..... hahaahaha

Hurry Downgrade now for a great deal. LOL PowerDirector Tutorials Team
Longedge [Avatar]
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"why is PD15 being updated"

I don't think we will ever know the true reason and the release announcement gives nothing at all away. I for one am glad that Cyberlink do not 'turn their back' on existing customers come the annual appearance of a new version.
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Cyberlink is quite good, in my view, of supporting previous versions of PowerDirector, heck they put out a patch this past July 2017 that was for PD14. Now, if you wish to discuss the persistant typos in some of their ads, we can talk... HP Envy Phoenix/4thGen i7-4770(4@3.4GHz~turbo>3.9)
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