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Audio Waveform still not out of the woods
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Having been bugged with the missing waveform on audio for some while it was with great pleasure I saw the latest release for PD16 (16.0.2816.0) cured this issue. Great.

NOT frown

Happily progressing my latest project, then all of a sudden no waveforms. Only applied to audio added today - all yesterdays audio additions still displayed waveforms correctly. Puzzled.

Doubleclick an audio clip and you get to Trim Audio that just sat there saying Analysing Waveform for display - and nothing happened - despite a long wait.

None of my old tricks restored the waveform - it was gone for good and firmly resisted all attempts to restore.

Frustrated - and in desperation - I uninstalled PD16.

Installed PD16 and the the 3 updates and eventually back to square one.

Loaded project I am working on - and behold - all waveform displays are showing correct, both yesterdays contributions and todays.

So Cyberlink - please examine what you did for the latest release - its not reliable - just yet!!!

I cannot afford the time to reinstall everything - everytime the waveforms disappear. I have no idea what I did (if anything significant) that killed the waveforms - but I've simply reinstalled everything to get them back.

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Sometimes something wrong happens on the timeline. This comes from the previous version.
Save the project, closing or not PD, when reopening the project comes corrected, still good. XEON-E5-2670 v3 / Mem. 16GB DDR4
M.2 NVME 512Gb / 2-HD WD 1TB
AMD RX570 / Display Philips 272V8
Windows 11_64Pro / PD21/365
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