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Control of rotation point in NewBlue Titler Pro 1.5
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Does anyone know if its possible to control and alter the point of rotation - by default it is the centre of the object within each plane?

Titler Pro 6 is not an acceptable answer

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I don't know if this helps or not, but you can adjust the X offset and Y offset values in the 3D Face style settings. That seems to make some of the roation control move off center. (Or it may be playing tricks on my eyes.)

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Hi Alan & Jim -

I can't find any way in NB Titler Pro 1.5 to change the rotation point to anything but the centre-point of the text.

In this screen capture, I overlaid a red dot at the centre point to illustrate. It seems to be stuck like that.

Cheers - Tony
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What a shame - bet v6 can do it - but at $299 I would expect the earth - and probably get it!

Thanks for your inputs - at least I know I'm not missing something.

Even 1.5 is impressive - and I must not get carried away developing fancy titles at the expense of overshadowing the video content.

Thank you both.
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