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1 hour 30 minute video takes over 5 hours to produce
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CM120884 [Avatar]
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It seems like it takes too long to produce a video thats not really long. Is there a specific setting that has to be used? I checked the quick sync before starting producing but it seems like it just takes its time. The video is an mp4 video that im formatting to 1920x1080p so that could be a factor. Any helpful ideas or tips to possibly speed up producing and reducing some time? Id greatly appreciate it.
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Yes! A new PC. With fast processor and much RAM and so on.
I once had a computer, that took a whole weekend to render a video. Long ago..., so whats your problem?
So a fast computer is always a good advice. You did not give us any information about your computer system, so I had to guess.
But some other ideas:
Depending on the original footage:

  • 4K handling is slow. If you produce in 1920x1080, its not necessary to film in 4K, maybe 2,7K or 4K light might help.

  • If your input footage is 20MB/s, it does not pimp quality to produce higher than 20 MB/s, but its maybe slower.

  • The more effects, the longer the rendering. Especially color changes, color presets (uhhhhh and ColorDirector is even worse), stabilization. What relativly fast are look-up tables.

  • Try SVRT, passages, where not rerendering is needed, can be handles very fast.

  • Try hardware acceleration, but there may be some problems, so be prepared, to deactivate hardware acceleration.

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tomasc [Avatar]
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That does sound normal when any effects are added to the videos on a timeline. 5 hours/1.5 hours =3.3x which is actually very good for the average computer. You can post a DxDiagtxt of your pc. Tell us about the original video format, bit rate, resolution,etc. and what you are producing to. Give us enough details to make an educated guess on your pc capabilities.
Punster [Avatar]
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I'm having the same issue. I shot some drone footage at 1080p 1920x1080 60fps. The only adjustments I made were to use a color preset of Light-Darker.

It took 1 1/2 hours to render 5 minutes of video. It took over 12 hours to produce a 20 minute video. It took almost 2 to render an 8 minute video.

I have a ryzen 7 2700 processor, a gtx1060 Nvidia with 6 gigs of onboard ram along with 32 megs of ram. This is not a slow computer by any means.

I've tried with and without hardware accelleration and various settings. I'm producing the same bitrate and fps as the video. There is no reason for it to take this long.
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