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Sound dropouts in mp4
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The scenario:...
fileA.mp4 created in PD16 from a video and its associated audio track.
fileB.mp4 created in PD16 from a video with an alternative audio track (imported mp3).
devices - 2 PCs called PCa and PCb
2 TVs one called TVHD (HD ready) and the other called TV4K (4K ready)
fileA plays perfectly on all devices
fileB plays on all devices except TVHD where it exhibits periodic audio dropouts of duration approximately half a second.
First thought - TVHD is faulty in not playing fileB except it plays fileA perfectly.
Second thought is PD16 is creating an mp4 that somehow overloads TVHD whereas TV4K and the PCs are more able to keep up! But then TVHD plays fileA perfectly.
Facts regarding fileB
the music is irrelevent, any mp3 dragged in as a audio source will cause dropouts.
Project can be reProduced repeatedly and the dropouts are always in the same place.
Dropouts are regular approximately every 11.5 seconds roughly.
Video is plain colour background with timer so no detail to encode.
Further thoughts
- is there a repeating null point created by interference of bitrates? although if there were then TV4K should suffer as well, unless being 4K it runs better??
- are audio bitrates on a video clip different in some obscure way from bitrates associated with mp3 and if so how? and why should this affect playback when it only manifests itself on TVHD?
- PD16 has many settings for producing mp4 - is there one thats causing the problem?
- is a camcorder clip audio track in someway different to an mp3?
- have not tried imported .wav as alternative audio source as I dont have any music in that format - is it worth a try?
Previously I was a Movavi user and never had this problem, so it has to be something in the way PD16 does things. But I would like a fix as Movavi is no longer an option.
Bottom line is audio captured by camcorder is good on all devices.
Imported mp3 upsets just one TV - TVHD and nothing else.
Any help and thoughts will be very much appreciated.
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In PowerDirector, several versions, MP3 sound often causes problems.
What problem, seems to be a bit random.
Sound dropout may be one of them, the problem I see most often is a timing issue, the sound does not stay in sync with the Video.
If you convert any MP3 song to WAV, you pretty much solve all to the problems. Carl312: Windows 10 64-bit 8 GB RAM,AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz,ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB,240GB SSD,two 1TB HDs.

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