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Capture Problem with poor quailty home movie - video is copyright
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I know this has come up before but I can't find a solution. I have a very poor quality home movie I am trying to digitise. It is an hour long but the recording stops about every minute or so due to it being very poor quality. I don't care that it is poor quality I really want it digitised! Is there a way to temporarily disable the copyright feature or make it understand that it's bad qulaity not copyright! Failing that - I understand that the feature didn't exist on version 4 and previous. Anyone got a safe download of an old version to try? I have tried other software but my video grabber won't work with any of them. Thank you in advance! Claire
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Did you not see the suggestion for pass through? Here is an example. IEEE is prefered but a USB capture will work.

Beg, borrow or rent the equipment.

There are also VHS players that will do a direct burn to disc. Try those from a big box store. If it doesn't work, return it. .
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An external line TBC would probably stop those capture errors. If you have a number of tapes you could buy a Panasonic ES10 or ES-15 disc recorder on EBAY for short money, it WILL NOT defeat the errors but give a better capture. Use it as a pass-thru, do not use the DVD recorder, it limits quality, as ALL of the DVD recorders do.

Everything you ever wanted to know regarding tape capture can be found on DigitalFAQ. Top experts.

My setup is a very good condition JVC S7800U (internal TBC). Goes to a Datavideo TBC-1000 external TBC unit, and then to my USB dongle (Hauppage 850). I capture using a 32bit version of PD12, which allows for uncompressed Lagareth or MAGICyuv AVI capture.

The cost is about $700 for my setup, it takes a few bucks to do this if you want to squeeze out every last bit of quality, it's VHS.

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I have had the issue with PowerDirector versions from 10 to 15. I have complained to CyberLink. They responded with suggests to clean the tape, try another player, etc. Nothing worked! The last communication, I was told to try a different capture device. I got one with some included software. Got the same copyright issue when trying the capture device with PowerDirector. Then I decided to try the soft ware that came with the device. This work around has been suggested by CyberLink and others here on the forum. That is, capture from another package and then inport to PowerDirector. I read the instructions for the software and they had a comment concerning the copyright error for home vidoes. I tried to capture a 8mm Hi video and got the copyright error. I sent a message to the link in the instructions. Got an e-mail back with a link to a file to download and replace in the software program. I followed the instructions and IT FIXED THE PROBLEM! The software is ArcSoft ShowBiz. So if a company smaller and less sophisticated than CyberLink can produce a fix, why cannot CyberLink develop a fix? Obiviously, CyerLink is not interested in fixing this issue. It is a pain to capture in one program and then import into PowerDirector, but it is a work around. I actually like the ArcSoft program better!
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