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Photodirector "delete from drive" option
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sd178 [Avatar]
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Dear PhotoDirector Team,

Why in the world would you provide an option such as "delete from drive" and remove the files completely? Why not just move them to the Recycle Bin? Twice now, I have accidentally deleted an entire folder of pictures permanently while thinking that I was deleting only one file. Yes, I should have been careful, but why not just move them to recycle bin in case it was an error on part of the user. It is terribly frustrating and now requires the user to use undelete utilities to recover the files. Unfortunately, none of the utilities are 100% effective in recovering all files without any issues.

I use variety of other photo processing programs and none of them remove the photos permanently. They move them to the Recycle Bin, allowing the user to easily recover accidentally deleted files.

PhotoDirector team, I love your program, except I hate this behavior in your program. At least put in a option in the settings to allow the user to pick if to delete from drive permanently or simply moving them to the recycle bin.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hello sd178,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Members of this forum, including me, are simply PhD users - not the software developers.

Your point is understood, but it is true that Remove from Library is the default option so it takes a conscious decision by the user to select "Delete from Drive".

You would, by now, have realised that selecting "Delete from Drive" bypasses your settings for the Recycle Bin. If you think it's important to include "Move to Recycle Bin" as an option, you could post your suggestion here.

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kohaiut1 [Avatar]
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Holy @%@#! I just ran into this in powerdirector. I accidentily deleted the .AVI files instead of the .mp4 rendered file. It nuked my 40GB source file that I spent 2 days on!!!!!!!!!!! A professional unerase tool could only find 25 seconds of the file on the hard drive.

What an absolutely horrible tool to have with no safety net.
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