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User contribution to lower third.
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In this post: Andres.R asked about something in which several users and contributors gave ideas on what he really wanted and how to do it. That post has been resolved by Tony.

CS2014 suggestion was to use Gimp to produce a gradient. I have Gimp but not on this pc. Decided to see what can be done after seeing Tony’s work. Using Gimp:

  1. File/New/Advanced Options/white or gray (white rectangle).

  2. File/New/Advanced Options/black (make a black rectangle).

  3. Ellipse tool/Make an oval on the white rectangle.

  4. Copy or cut. Select the black rectangle created in step 2 above and Paste.

  5. Filter/Gaussian Blur, radius 100.

  6. Rectangle Select tool/Select lower third.

  7. Select/Invert.

  8. Edit cut.

  9. Bucket Fill tool with black foreground color.

  10. File Export as lt.png or whatever filename and type you want.

Open PD14 project and placed the lt.png in track 1. Titles added below it in tracks 2 and 3. Made the screenshot lt_gimp.jpg. Look at the screenshot preview screen. CS2014 suggestion on using Gimp works well. See the attached screenshots.

Thank you CS2014 for your idea and suggestion about using Gimp to create that lower third.
lower third created with gimp.
9 Kbytes
77 time(s)
PD14 screenshot showing gimp created lower third in use.
361 Kbytes
73 time(s)
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