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PD15 not responding to WizMouse
rbowser [Avatar]
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Maybe there are WizMouse users here with feedback that may help me out.

I've used WizMouse for years. It's a light weight free utility that corrects something that really should be part of the Windows OS. As stated in the configuration pop-up, "When active, WizMouse sends all mouse wheel commands to the window under the mouse pointer instead of to the currently focused window. You no longer have to click on a window to focus it before you're able to scroll it with your mouse wheel."

I've used it so long I take it for granted. No need to constantly be clicking on a window to scroll it. As said above, no matter where you are and what window has focus, whatever's under the cursor can be scrolled.

But WizMouse isn't working with PD15. It worked as it should in PD11. In the main Timeline tracks area, we're all constantly needing to wheel up and down to get to the tracks we need. I've always been able to whiz right up or down in an instant. In PD15, the wheel will only go a short distance and stop. I click in the work area, try again, it doesn't move - I now have to keep going over to the right and use the dreaded scroll bar. Argh!-- this is a major work-flow hassle - for me, a step back to a more primitive technology I left behind many years ago and I can't stand it. Scroll bars? Yikes.

Any solutions or tips?

Randy B.
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