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Resolved - Help syncing multiple videos
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Hello everyone. I am working on a video for work. I filmed a training session using three angles and now I am working on editing it. In PD14, I have all three on the timeline but the three are not quite lining up perfectly. I stood in front of the camera and slapped my hand with a ruler to mark were to sync the videos. I've tried to sync them but it won't let me adjust it to a midpoint between. I am not sure if I am explaining it correctly. In the timeline, the point where I am trying to line it up falls at different points between 00;00;25;19 and 00;00;25;20. Track one is at 19.7. Track two at 19.55 or so. and Track three at 19.35 or so. Is there not a way that I can line them up right on top of each other? Please see the attached image of the timeline.
[Thumb - Sync point in training video.png]
Sync point in training video.png
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Luthien Tinuviel
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Looking at track 1, it appears to have the most time before your sync point, so that's in the correct place.

You can click & drag the second and third track clips to roughly line them up.

Select the second track. Holding down the ALT key while using the left and right arrows will move the clip one frame in either direction.

Do the same with the third track.

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Please watch this and if you have an issue, come back and ask.: MulitCam Designer:

Oops wrong one: Try this: ..................Written

or ............Video

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Sliding the tracks using the alt+arrow keys still does not line up the audio tracks. For example, before I move anything, Track one is at Track one is at 00;00;25;19.7. Track two at 00;00;25;19.55 or so. I click on track two and press alt+right arrow one time to move track to to the right one frame. When I do that, the sync point is now at 00;00;25;20.55 - further away from sync point that it was before. I want to get track two's sync point to the same as track one, but it will not let me.

I have not tried the multi-cam yet because I thought I had to have four angles. But I am going to try it to see if it would work with just three. Worth a shot at this point. Luthien Tinuviel
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Using this video provided my stevek, I was able to get it lined up. I also went ahead and added the other 15 segments from one camera and auto-synced them as well. Thanks for the information! Luthien Tinuviel
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