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Selective Colour
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I'm just doing the tutorial referenced in the March eNews where you select an area of a photo to be in colour, with the rest black and white.

I've managed to do this, and then saved the acjusted photo, but then wanted to go back to colour in some other parts of the photo.

But when I repeat the process I find that my brush has disappeared, so that I can't make any adjustments to my first edit.

Is this how the program is supposed to work or am I doing something wrong? One Man, One Vote. The Patrician was the Man, he had the Vote.
Terry Pratchett (Mort).
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Hello ponderstibbons,

Once you've done some regional adjustment using one of the masks, the mask remains with the "original" photo (not the one you exported/saved).

In PhD, select the photo you previously adjusted then go to Regional Adjustment. Click on the Mask dropdown and select the mask you previously set. When it has a coloured dot, it's active and you can continue editing.

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