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Power2Go activation problems - heads up.
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Just in case its of help to anyone. I purchased software for download yesterday and have been installing and activating several items. As far as I can see there is a bug in the activation window for Power2Go 10. The input fields (6 boxes) disappear after first being shown. Or sometimes the first one remains visible. I found that I could start to input in the first field and then the second one would appear but when that was full no further input would be accepted.

I was about to raise a support ticket when a thought occurred to me and I had one last go and after the input fields had disappeared I filled in each one in turn and then made the next one visible by clicking where I knew it was. This made it visible and it would then accept input.

I haven't had any problems with the activation of any other items in the package so the activation window for Power2Go appears to have been coded differently.
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